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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Save A Buck... Or $80....

So, I took the little girls to Toys R Us yesterday to buy a sand box. We were going to BUY ONE. Imagine my shock when I get there and they are $80 for a little tiny plastic sandbox that both girls wont even be able to sit in! $80! NOT including the sand. Ok, ridiculous right? So, we left. With sad little girls who wanted to dig and a mommy that felt like crap for promising them something and not getting it. So, I got to thinking and Aaron and I started talking and we decided to just build one. Aaron is busy and couldn't get to it this weekend (him and the middle kids are going camping) and I felt bad making the little girls wait after I promised so I decided to just build it. Totally 100% recycled materials which translates into FREE. The wood and screws are from the old playset, the tarp is old and was ripped on one side and the staples were in the tool box. Here's what the little girls and I made this morning in just an hour! Aaron is buying the sand tonight.... I don't think he was thrilled that I was out in the yard building a sandbox while carrying triplets. I have to say, it was harder than it should've been at 12 weeks along. That will be my last project for awhile.

The supplies:

The Helpers:

Just Add Sand:


  1. sweet cassie is comming over to play

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  3. We have tons more wood. Just come grab it and build one. The whole thing INCLUDING the sand cost me $32.00. ;)Its nice and big. Both girls AND their toys fit into it.