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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Sigh Of Relief......

On a few different levels....

Summer is almost here. School is almost out. Only 4 more full days left! I tend to get super excited that the kids are out of school at first. No more routine. No more getting up early. No more papers to sign and no more homework to remind of. This excitement tends to last about 2 weeks. Then I start hearing, "I'm bored", " There's nothing to do", "This sucks", "What can we do?", "Can I call.......so on and so on. The good thing is, that since I am currently growing very rapidly with the three little ones inside of me, I have a LIST of things to give them to do when I hear those words. I wonder how long it will take them to figure out to quit saying it? lol.

I had another OB appointment today. Everything is perfect. I am 11 weeks today. I got to hear all the babies heartbeats and that is literally the best thing to hear. Ever. I was so nervous about this appointment as this was about the same time that we found out about the twins dying. The Dr. said everything is great and I can finally relax. For awhile anyways.

Oh, and my weekly belly shot. ;). Here we are..Growing. 11 weeks.

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  1. That is GREAT news to hear!! I bet hearing 3 little heart beats,Would be so amazing!! You are Amazing:)