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Monday, June 1, 2009

Small Update....

So, I haven't been the best blogger. Sorry. For some reason, if I don't have a picture that goes with the topic of the day, I don't blog. Weird. So, today, no picture, just little update on everyone. I'll go in order. ;)

Madeline: All her stuff is in and ready to go for Running Start. She will only have one class at Prairie next fall. One. Man, I wish they had RS when I was in school. She's still on the lookout for a job. Thankfully her car is not a gas guzzler so she gets by working one day a week, basically for gas money. Poor kid. Her grades are great, and she's just generally a very good kid. ;)

Joseph: High school soccer is over and he's playing for Chinook Alliance again this year. He really seems to like the more relaxed play of Select vs. Premier. I'm not sure if it was Stew's death that changed it for him, made him realize that soccer is to enjoy, not work yourself to oblivion over, or what is was, I'm just glad hes happy playing again. He's been playing soccer daily for 11 years now. Wow. That's a long time. He's loving high school. Doing great with his grades, and VERY anxious to start driving. Papa Gary has been super nice and has been taking him to practice driving on Sundays. He loves it.

Noah: Playing for Chinook Alliance this year also. Thankfully, soccer tryouts swayed him away for the football he's been talking about non stop for the past 3 months. I do NOT like football. Hes taken a huge interest in war. All things war. He reads about war, plays war video games, and talk of going into the service. I don't know where this comes from but he's very intense about it. School is going awesome for Noah. He loves his teacher, is making great grades and really seems to enjoy it.

Juliette: Also playing for Chinook Alliance this year. Um yeah, We are gonna be BUSY. Shes still wrapping up the softball season, while practicing for soccer. She played softball for Team Faith this year and enjoyed it alot. She's just like Joseph, loves to be active CONSTANTLY. I'm just glad that soccer seems to be all the kids first loves, as watching softball is kinda boring. Shhhh...I didn't just say that. ;) Juliette is also doing fabulous in school. She got an amazing teacher this year who is just the right combo on nice and strict. Just what Juliette needs. She tends to talk alot. Go figure. ;)

Annabel: Well, not alot going on but play play play. Shes done with preschool for the year. She did love it. She recognizes her name, knows all her colors and can sing the alphabet. She loves to sing. All kinds of songs. She got a new scooter after Aaron ran over her new trike with the car and we can't seem to keep her off of it. She loves to ride it around. She enjoys art and playing with the older kids. Sweet sweet girl. ;)

Delilah: 16 months old. Already. She's turning into a pretty good girl. We were worried there for awhile. lol. Shes intense. Very intense but shes learning to channel it better. She loves to do anything that Annie does and mimics her every move. Shes turned into quite the Daddy's girl, especially if Aaron is leaving. She's happiest when we are out and about. She is definitely a go- go-go girl.

Me and Aaron? All you gotta do is read the above. ;) I'm home cleaning, making dinner and knitting, (or stitching as Aaron calls it .lol) while Aaron is at work. Evenings turn into a giant carpool for us. I can't believe we manage to do it all and still have time to talk at the end of the night. But we do. And we are loving every minute of it. Our kids are all amazing and I don't think we could ask for anything better. Life is good. ;)

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