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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

16 Weeks

16 weeks. Only 10 more weeks to "V" Day. Only 70 days. "V" Day is a biggie to us. "V" Day means Viability Day. This is the day that our hospital deems the babies capable of surviving in the outside world. Most hospitals around the U.S are 24 weeks, so I'm not sure why our hospital says 26 but it does.

I have seen 3 different Dr's in this Perinatology practice thus far. The first one I loved. Then I saw another one. I was convinced that I loved him more. Today I saw yet another one. Did I say that I thought I loved the first two? Well, I LOVE this one. He was perfect! He was just the right mix of funny, yet confident, but not too confident. His credentials are great. He's delivered 5 sets of triplets at our new hospital, and none before 32 weeks! He looked over my history (before he walked into my room, which is a HUGE plus to me) and said that he was certain that I could go to 35 weeks with probably zero to limited hospital stay! (Of course, I informed him that I intend to go to the full 36 ;) I want my December babies! ;) Aaron's birthday is in December and our anniverisay is in December. It would be so perfect to have our last babies come into this world in the month that we commited ourselves to each other forever. Ok, sappy I know, but still perfect. Right? ) Aaron says I love him so much because he said what I wanted to hear but it's more than that. It was a feeling. His whole being just felt right. Like THIS is MY Dr. I will probably continue to see the others periodically, since it's a practice, but I'm going to try to schedule all my visits with this one.
My cervix is measuring 4.7 today. That is amazing news. Even better, is that it measured 4.2 under pressure. What that means is that the US Tech, while measuring the cervix with a transvaginal ultrasound probe, pushed on the uterus for a second, waits a minute to see if the uterus will contract. Whether it contracts or not, they measure it after pressure. Mine measured 4.2! It barely went down at all! So so good! Not actually surprising to me since my super strong cervix managed to hold Delilah in, as I was dilated to 6 cm, for almost 2 whole weeks! lol.

And yes, for all those penis wishers, the babies have not grown any yet. They are all still girls. :)And I'm beyond thrilled. Can you just imagine 3 little baby girls in Hanna Andersson opposite stripes sets? Oh my word. That will be just cuteness beyond all cute.

Oh , The Belly Shot. And It doesn't look much bigger, but it must be. I've officially started waddling. Yes, waddling. You know, how you usually start to walk at about, oh, 8 MONTHS? lol.

16 Weeks Belly Shot ;)


  1. Great news! So glad you had a great appointment and your cervix is TOUGH and long. I am a bit jealous- mine didn't look so good today- but so happy for you!

    Three girls in Hannah Anderson will be DARLING.

  2. I'm sorry Carrie. I'm sure you'll hold up! THem babies are getting heavy! Take it easy. Rest Rest Rest! Easy to say, hard to do. Believe me I know!

  3. Thanks, Nicole! I am resting away... :)

  4. I just read your update! YAY! That is GREAT news! Youve inspired me too. Im going to bump up my FA by 1 too. Im just taking the 2 extra plus the one that is in my prenatals. SO Im going to take 3 plus the one now. ;).