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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Name Announcement.

Ok. I stayed up late working on this last night because I wanted it to be all done. I feel so good that they have their names. So, I got the middle names down finally. :) There is a "theme" of sorts. Since they are triplets, I wanted them to have something in common that we gave them (well, besides life I guess) Not necessarily an obvious theme though so you might have to really use your brains. Feel free to call me, post it on the comments or text me if you think you know. It will be kinda fun. Like a game. And for those of you that thought you knew, as you can see, I changed it up a bit so maybe it's not the same theme, maybe it is :). And you need to figure it out completely, not just the subject. :) And no, you don't win anything. Well, ok, maybe you can hold the babies first if you guess it right. Completely. :). And just to clarify, ONLY the middles are themed.

Rosalie Charlotte
Gwendolen Lucy
Emilia Jane


  1. Twilight.Is of course the first sequence that poped into my head. Although I Gwendolen doesn't remind me of anything =)? So is baby A Rosalie? B Gwendolen and C Emilia?

  2. Oh and btw, I love your names =) I don't know how you do it!! So creative! I do already have my "someday" kids names picked out though. But I might consult with you when the time comes lol! I miss you guys!

  3. Yep, but its jsut the middles that have a theme. Rosalie and Twilight just happened to be in common. Not intentional.

  4. They have Beautiful names!!!:)

  5. Still stumped huh? lol. And thanks. I love them too. :)

  6. ha ha i got it and im not telling anyone :)