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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Names!

We are working on these early. I hate calling the babies A, B & C. It drives me crazy. So we are working on names now. Totally unlike my usual of wanting to meet the baby first. I want the babies to start to have their individuality now. Especially now since they don't even get their own uterus! We have a final list of 5. I'm pretty proud that we got so far so soon. We are usually deciding when the baby is like 3 days old and the birth certificate registrar lady is standing at the foot of my bed with all her papers tapping her foot. I am an admitted Name Nerd and this process, while fun and exciting, is also very stressful for me. (Aaron totally does not get it, he either likes a name or he doesn't but its all good, we work it out ) In my opinion, It's the first thing I give my child when they enter this world and what their name is, is extremely important to me, and will be to them as they grow up, and hopefully they will love the name that we have chosen.

I'll announce them as soon as we decide, I just have one favor. If you like them, I'm happy to know. If you love them, even happier. If you hate them, keep it to yourself please. Learn to like them, love them or just accept them. All will be names that we love so I think that the old phrase that your mom taught you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all", should be applied here. Not trying to be a bitch, just trying to tactfully say, Respect Our Decisions.

Thank You :)


  1. Oh!! Tell me, tell me!! I love names!!

  2. lol. Its a secret on here. Message me and I'll tell ya. I need input. Aaron left the rest up to me. ;)

  3. I am also a "Name Nerd". Can't wait to hear your finally names. I am jealous you get to create 6 names!

  4. So fun! Cannot wait to hear what you choose. For our three, we only have one chosen (my husband is Charles IV, so we'll have a Charlie) but other than that, three boy names are tough!

    Enjoy the naming process and looking forward to hearing what you have to say. I am sure we will all have great manners.

    I have an appointment tomorrow, too and am looking forward to your update!

  5. I have boys names all picked out! lol. I was sure they were all boys. I was wrong. :). Girls names are REALLY hard. I have 5. Im just trying to find a good "trio". Let me know how your appointment goes. Fingers are crossed for a LONG cervix for us both! lol.

  6. Fellow name nerd and SAHM and loving following your blog! I want a big family and you are truly an inspiration.

    Ok, back to my knitting. LOL