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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

**17 Weeks**

Seventeen Weeks. I feel like it's almost a milestone, yet it really isn't. The babies are beyond perfect. Baby A is on the bottom of the stack so she always looks squished, although the Dr. assures me that she isn't. Everytime we see her she's got her legs all curled up. I think she's holding up the fort in there. She's measuring 16 weeks 3 days. Baby B is her usual active self. She's measuring in at 16 weeks 3 days also. Baby C is her usual calm sleeping self, although today she waved at us a few times. It was so dang cute. She's measuring in at 16 weeks 5 days. She is the largest of the 3 so far. They are all about 6" long at this point. Getting so big. :).

I had a miscommunication with the Dr's. Apparently 26 weeks is when WE no longer have the choice in life saving measures should they decide to arrive early. Between the weeks of 23-26, Aaron and I have to decide what measures we want the Dr's to take should they come early. Do we want all resuscitation efforts or just comfort care? It's alot to think about. At 26 weeks and beyond, the Dr's will do everything possible to keep them alive. BUT, it's a a moot point, because as I told the Dr's, I am determined to get me my December babies, so to just go ahead and schedule the C-Section for December 2nd. So, that is when the babies will be here, in case
you need a date. December 2nd, 2009. I'm determined. Y'all wait and see. :)

Oh yes, I almost forgot the most important part of the appointment. The cervical measurement. Wanna take a guess? It's still GOOD. 4.4! Yippee! The Dr. seemed surprised. He guessed 3.8, I TOLD him it was 4.4. I'm telling ya, these are December babies, dangit!


  1. glad things are going well! but can't you shoot for dec 4 instead? that's my boys' birthday. :D

  2. If I can, I will. ;). The longer, the better. December 1st is Aaron's birthday so I was trying to avoid that.

  3. What a wonderful picture.I am so glad everything is moving along smoothly.