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Monday, July 6, 2009


TEN WHOLE YEARS! I can't believe it. Or, "Double Digits" as Juliette and Aaron call it. She's so excited to be "double digits". lol. Poor sweet girl had to spend her whole birthday in the car driving home from the lake, but I think she was ok. We had a small'ish party for her at the lake before we headed home and we stopped at the restaurant of her choice (Subway, my kids are so easy) for dinner. All in all, I think her day was a Happy one. Next week is her Tie-Dye-Water-Balloon-Friend Party, and we are going to try to squeeze in a family party this weekend in between 3 kids soccer tournaments. (I swear, Aaron is developing Adult ADD, he loves to just go go go to soccer stuff with the kids)

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, special girl. I can't believe your TEN whole years already. You're growing up into such an amazing little person. Your sweet, kind, empathetic and most likely the best big sister Annie, Lilah and these 3 little ones could ever ask for. Your quite the little sister too. ;) I thank God for you every day. I can't believe that I am lucky enough to be your Mom.

I Love You Sweet Girl. I hope your day was fabulous.

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