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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Week!

18 WEEKS!!!! ! Yay! I am huge. The Dr. says I am about the size of a 28 weeker. Wowsa. We had our full anatomy scan today. It went well. All 3 babies are growing right on target, and they all weigh 7 oz.! It's so nice to have an almost poundage weight! The only "issue" was that Baby B (Gwendolen) only has a 2 vessel cord. I, of course, am nervous as can be and started googling the second I got home. I was making myself crazy so I finally just called the Dr. and he reassured me that she was fine, we just have to monitor her for growth, which we are doing anyways. A 2 vessel cord is also a soft marker for heart defects and an very very soft marker for Downs Syndrome. They checked her heart today and it looked great, but they will be doing an echogenic heart scan on her in 4 weeks just to be absolutely sure. As for the DS, he said that he is certain she is fine. Her femur length was fine, which, if its short, could be an indicator of Downs, and her nucheal scan was perfect too. (The measurement of the folds of her neck).

My weight is good. My cervix is perfect. Still measuring 4.4. And only down to 4.3 under pressure. Yay! Im feeling pretty good. Tired and sometimes crampy but overall, good.

And here's a few great pictures of Lil' Miss Gwendolen. Isn't she cute? :)

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  1. Hey Nicole!

    I am so glad everything is going SO well for you! Your cervix is doing a great job! :)

    I would love to get together sometime! Email me if you want and we can talk more in detail about where we live: carehamilton AT gmail.

    The girls are just precious and isn't it fun to see them all the time? We are so lucky!

    Enjoy (or get through) the heat!