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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Official Introduction

I know, 2 posts in the same day! Wow! But I just realized that nobody has actually been officially introduced to these baby girls. They have been Baby A, Baby B and Baby C for 11 weeks now. I think it's about time that everyone be introduced properly. ;).

Baby A. She is the little girl at the bottom of the pile. She's holding down the fort in there. Nobody is getting past her. (I talk to her alot. I'm making sure she's very familiar with DECEMBER) If you notice, in her picture, her feet are up. They always are. She's got them up above, on her sisters, holding them up. Making sure they stay put. Good girl!
Rosalie (Rose or Rosie)

Baby B. She's the most active little one. Always kicking and waving. She's postioned on my right as I see her. I think she has the most room. I'm not sure why I think that, it just seems if she can move so much, she must have.
Gwendolen (Gwenna or Gwen)

Baby C. She's the quiet one. Everytime we have had an untrasound, she's asleep. Today though, she woke up long enough to wave. Twice. It was so cute, it was almost like she was saying "Hey ya'll, I'm here, I'm ok. Just tired. I'll catch ya later".

Emilia (Mia or Emmie)
We do have middle names picked, I just can't decide where they sound best quite yet. I was so excited to announce their names that I just couldn't wait to post firsts and middles all togther. I'll post them as soon as I know, plus, they have a "theme" of sorts so it will be fun to see who can guess it (besides those of you who already know, Shhhhh. Don't tell!)

Oh, and a small reminder. Please remember my plea for silence, happiness and/or acceptance on our name choices. (If you need to, refer to post on July 11th) We love them and that is all that matters. ;). We spent alot of time and energy with our whole family deciding on them. To us, they are perfect.

Thank you.


  1. Stalking from TBW -- The girls are just precious and their names are beautiful and absolutely perfect!

  2. Beautiful names with class and character to fit beautiful girls! <3

  3. I am so happy you announced the names. I think they flow perfectly with your other childrens names. I love the nicknames. Take care of yourself!

  4. Lol, nevermind. I should have read this one first =)

  5. Not sure if I've commented before or not, but I've been reading since your announcement on TC. ;o)

    I LOVE the names you picked out! They are so beautiful! We are still in the process of picking out our latest addition's name. This time just a singleton(I'm 14 weeks) but still SO HARD to pick out a name! I'm just like you...I want everyone to be kind about the names I pick out, but very rarely are people kind when it comes to baby names. Lol. Ah well.

    Wishing you the best with the rest of your pregnancy!