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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cradle CRAP!

Yes, I know it's technically called Cradle CAP but when it makes my beautiful, 4 month old daughter with tons of beautiful-black-hair- just-like-her-Daddy's BALD, I will call it Cradle CRAP. And that's being nice because I am not happy. At all.

It all started with the bath. Washing her beautiful hair. I notice this crusty looking stuff on her head. Great. So I take a washcloth and rub. With a touch of Aveeno Baby Soap.

Gently. Then,
I see hair.



And it just keeps coming out. So I stop to dry the tears, (my tears, not Mia's) and try to dismiss my urge to scoop it out of the bathwater and lay it back on her head because that would be crazy. Right?

Now, I know it's normal, and I know it happens all the time. Well, I've heard that it's normal and happens all the time. But not to my babies. I've never had a baby lose their hair. And I liked it that way. I was proud. People would always say "Oh, she/he has such pretty dark hair, but it will fall out" Nope. Never did. Till now.

So, instead of scooping up the hair, because I know that's just stupid, I run downstairs (yes, with the baby in tow, I wasn't so distraught that I forgot about her) to show Aaron then get on Facebook to ask my 179 friends what the heck to do.

Oil. Olive Oil, Baby Oil, any oil really. Just rub oil on her head, let it soak then comb through to get all the scalies off. So we did. Olive oil at night then Burt's Bees in the morning. (The BB smells MUCH better than the Olive oil ,just for reference) Then we combed. And wouldn't ya know it, all the Cradle Crap started coming off. With HER HAIR attached to it.


So now, Mia is looking a bit like a little old man (no offense to little old men). Bald on top with just a smidgen of hair. Hair just around the ears, you know the look. But Mia is special. She also has a perfectly round bald spot in the back of the middle of her head too.

Now this, my friends, is one beautiful hairstyle. I do think that Miss Mia looks as concerned as I am, and I'm trying not to let her see my worry. But she knows. It's probably gotten a bit drafty up there. Poor girl.

I've been assured that her hair will come in soon. And faster. And better. Now that no Cradle Crap is attached to it. All I can say is HURRY and grow. Please hurry.

If there is a Hair Fairy, I would like to request a visit from her. Tonight please.


  1. You have a beautiful family. My triplets will be nine this Friday and I can hardly remember some of their early baby times because of the little sleep, I guess. Enjoy them, even if its wearing you out sometime1

  2. something very similar happened to my daughter Ruby.. she was the only one out of my kids who had her hair fall out.. almost all but a ring around her head like friar tuck! She now at 2 1/2 has hair that goes way down her back and is lovely and thick.
    Sending lots of quick hair growing vibes your way!

  3. Your daughter is lovely. The cradle cap doesn't cause hair loss though. :-) Some babies just lose their hair and it's completely natural, and it happens to coincide with her happening to have cradle cap.

    Olive oil is great for softening up cradle cap. For my middle daughter, who had it the worst, we had to use Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry shampoo which is made just for stuff like this. It's gentler than Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno too, and it kept the cradle cap away without being harsh on her extra sensitive skin.