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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Can you tell we are beyond thrilled to be at this point? Yep, TWENTY FOUR WEEKS! It's the first of a few major milestone. About half of all babies born at this gestation survive. Thank God for medical science huh? Of course, 24 isn't quite good enough for me. I mean, I thank God that we are here, but now its time to move on to the next milestone. Week 28. Week 28 is H.U.G.E. Week 28 brings us to 90% viability. Week 28 brings us a sense of relief. Well, I think it will anyway. It should. I'm anticipating it. A mere 28 days.

Today's appointment went fantabulous. Couldn't ask for better. I got to see my absolute favorite Dr., Dr W. Aaron went with me today. The babies were perfect today. My cervix is being an absolute champ! Does it get any better? I think not.

Cervical measurement is at 4.1 with almost no funneling. Yay! The Dr.'s exact words were that it looked "Spectacular!" :)

Babies are measuring the same as a singelton would be at this point. They are HUGE. For those who don't see me alot, that translates into I AM HUGE. But it's all good, because if I grow, the baby girls grow. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our children. lol.

Rosalie: 1# 5oz

Gwendolen: 1# 6oz


Me: Yeah, right. I'm not posting that, I'm not vain but it does not need to be general public knowledge.
And, we asked Dr. W about the chances of the girls being identical (Aaron is a bit disappointed that we were told by the US tech that they were not ID since they had their own sacs and placentas) just out of curiosity. We were pleasantly surprised when he told us that they very well could be, separate sacs and placentas didn't mean for sure that they are fraternal. WHAT?! We both just smiled. It would be fun to have them ID. Anyway, the Dr. said that if the egg splits within the first 72 hours, then they would have their own sacs and placentas. We've been thinking all along that I released 3 eggs and thus we created 3 babies. That might be the case still, but it might not. It could be that either all of them are ID, 2 of them are ID or none of them are. If we had a penis in there, then that of course, would be obvious, but since we don't, the Dr suggested genetic testing after they get a little older, if it's not obvious by then. If they look totally different then they obviously aren't ID. He agreed with Aaron when he said that most all babies look alike anyway so it would be a waste of money before they get older. I don't agree with the whole babies look alike thing, so I guess we will see after they are born. See, surprises every single day!
24 Week Belly. I did it in black & white this time. Since it's a special occasion and all. :)


  1. So glad everything is going so well and the girls are big!

    HOORAY for 24 weeks! One milestone down- only a couple more until you are holding your sweet babies! :)

  2. Congrats! I'm still praying almost daily for these sweet little girls. I'm so proud of you for doing all you have to get these girls so big! I'm sure it's not easy but you are an awesome momma! Keep up the good work!!