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Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Whine....

11 more day until 28 weeks. That's literally all I can think about. I'm useless if you ask me anything. All that will come out of my mouth is "11 more day until 28 weeks". I'm obsessed. I'm grumpy. I'm weepy. I even think about crying and I can. I'd be a great actress right about now. Driving to Walmart yesterday, the song "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling came on the radio. It's the song that we played at my Grama's funeral. Fabulous site I was, driving down I-5, crying and singing. It was great.

I had a Dr. appointment today. It wasn't great. Cervix is at about a 3.9 (yes, I know that's longer than Tuesday) but it goes down to about 3.2 under pressure. Not good. The Dr. showed me comparison shots from 2 weeks ago to now, and my cervix is definitely shorter. I'm kinda freaking out, even though the Dr. isn't. He did prescribe meds for the contractions. Those are getting more and more frequent. I need to take some now but I don't want to take anything that I haven't taken before unless Aaron is home so I'm laying on the couch now and I am scared to move. If I could hang upside down for the next 11 days, I would. I think I need a drink, or something. Anti-anxiety medication maybe? Heck, I'd even be up for some calming illegal drugs right now. Ok, I am honestly kidding but seriously, I need to RELAX. Feel free to throw me some ideas on how to accomplish that.


  1. Did he prescribe Vistaril? It is an antihistamine that I take for sleep every night and it also soothes your mind and relaxes the uterus. Some docs use it for contraction-stopping only.

    I totally think it is one of the reasons my cervix is still holding up... less contractions at night.

    HANG IN THERE! You will be there soon, and I know the scariest time is from 24-28 weeks. After that, my dear, it is just a bonus and you'll feel all around better.

    Big hugs!

  2. No, it's Nefedipine. But maybe I should ask him about Vistaril? My plan was to take one at night just in case I was having CX at night and just aren't realizing it. I'm not sure it will help me sleep but it will help with the CX. I hope.

  3. I take Nifedipine during the day also, just wondering. The Vistaril is great for sleeping, but the Nifedipine could make your heart race.

    I know it is a scary time, but you are getting there. Make yourself a countdown calendar with the kids and enjoy tearing a sheet off each day!!

  4. How does the N make you feel? I hate my heart racing. It freaks me out. I havent taken any yet. Im going to look into the V.

  5. Try they hypnobabies "Baby Stay In" script. I had PTL with both my singleton and twins and wish I had known about it. It's supposed to be awesome for keeping contractions at bay.

  6. Thanks Kim...I'll look into it now! :)