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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

26 Weeks & "My Wall"

Here we are. 26 weeks! Yippee! Only 14 more days until the magical 28 weeks. This 14 days is going to ddrraagggggggg on, I can tell. It doesn't help that I've hit what I call "My Wall". I'm officially miserable. I can't get comfortable. I don't sleep well. I'm constantly tired. I can't even give my little girls a bath because it's too painful to bend over to wash their hair. So much now is on Aaron's shoulders. Grocery shopping, transporting kids, bathing the little girls, cleaning the house and making dinner on the weekends. I'm glad his shoulders are so strong. Have I told the world lately how very much I love this man? I need to shout it out daily. He never ceases to amaze me. He seems to be able to do everything lately. I remind myself daily that it's only temporary and it's necessary to get these babies here safe and strong. So I guess, misery is my company for the next 10 weeks. What a joyful update huh?

The other day these wee girlies kicked me for 14 hours straight. I swear they planned it. It was a tag team thing. One would sleep while the others would play, and when that one went to sleep, the others awoke. For 14 HOURS. Gwendolen and Rosalie seem to be on the same wavelength. When one starts, the other does too. Emilia seem to be more content to do her own thing. Peer pressure does not get to her. Maybe she will be my sweet, docile, content one? God know, I'm going to need at least one of those.

The Dr. went ok today. My cervix is shorter. MUCH shorter, in my opinion, but Dr. W. wasn't concerned at all. It was 4.0 on Friday. Its 3.6 today. The Dr. says it's just .4mm. Which, if you look at it, is nothing but it sounds HUGE. I dropped into the 3's. I wanted to stay in the 4's. Until delivery. Not too much to ask right? Logically, it makes sense. The girls are growing and gaining weight. If you squish/push down on something it gets smaller/shorter. So if the girls are growing, it makes total sense that the pressure and gravity would make my cervix shorter. Makes sense and I can say it and it is logical to me, I just don't LIKE it. I was happy that there was absolutely zero funneling. That is a very big deal. It means that my cervix isn't opening all, Just getting a tad shorter. He still doesn't want to do another fFN. Not unless my cervix drops to about a 3.0. IF it even does, were his exact words. He's so confidant that I will deliver past 34 weeks. I try so hard to listen to him.

The babies are perfect. HB's are 147, 147 and 160. I have a growth scan next Tuesday when I get to get 4D pics! I LOVE those! I'll be sure to post them when I get them, but for now, the only pics I have is of my growing belly. :)
26 weeks (and I do believe I spy a stretch mark developing. Oh joy!)


  1. hang in there. you are doing amazing, and each day brings you closer, so just take it ONE DAY AT A TIME :)

    as for cervix, don't let it bother you. I was at 2.2 cm after 20 wk u/s with singletons and every time they came full term. So if we try to guess their arrival based on that, then they should make it to 42 weeks, nice and plump :)

  2. You are doing so well, and really, that cervix is not that short. I am sure you read other blogs and are well aware that many, many women go a really long way with one shorter than that. Many people would love to have your length, so relax about that one. ;)

    It does seem like time slows up and speeds down at different times during this crazy journey. Hang in there, enjoy being home with your children, growing some healthy babies!! You can DO IT!!