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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

**27 weeks**

Today's appointment was a VERY good one. Dr. W. was there. Aaron went. The babies are AWESOME. My cervix is AWESOMER! Measuring at 4.0! 5 stars for my cervix! And...even better? NO CHANGE under pressure! That's right, NO CHANGE! Whoo Hoo!!!!! Why, you ask? Well, I think it's a combo of a few things, and the Dr. agreed with my theory. Although sometimes I think he agrees just to keep me happy :) Now THAT is a good Dr. lol.
Anyway, my theory is that 1) I've been resting. Alot. Limiting my stair climbing to twice a day. 2) I did take the meds that Dr. C prescribed 3 times. (Although Dr. W. wasn't happy with those meds being prescribed since it messes with your blood pressure so much, he doesn't like it used casually at home. I told him no worries, Aaron had to FORCE me to take it, I HATE taking medication, especially something that will get to my babies). 3) Baby C, Emilia, finally decided to move her head out of my pelvic area. She has been wedged, head down for about a month. Now her butt is down there. I have noticed ALOT less pressure and that must be why. Dr. W. also said that now that the babies are bigger, their weights are more evenly distributed throughout instead of all being focused down. He even went so far as to say that cervical measurements aren't as important now. Yay!
As for the meds. The conversation with the Dr. was funny. My face was flushed because I was hot. One of the side effects of the Nephedrine is a flushed face. This is the med that Dr. C. prescribed
Dr. W: I see your taking the Nephedrine?
Me: I did. Twice, no sorry, 3 pills total.
Dr. W: When was the last time you took it?
Me: Saturday night and only because he (pointing at Aaron) made me.
Dr. W: Oh, then your just warm?
Me: yes, but speaking of meds, what about Vistaril? A friend (thanks Carrie!) told me about it.
Dr. W : Oh, Vistaril is GREAT. It's basically a strong Benadryl. Relaxes you and help with the contractions. I highly recommend it. It helps for anxiety. Are you anxious at all? (while saying this, he looks at Aaron and smiles)
Aaron: laughs, then says Um, yeah, we need some of that for her.
Dr.W : Maybe some for you too? laughing again
Aaron: Oh yeah. smiling
Me : Funny you two, ok so the Vistaril is safe? (notice I don't let them off track at all, TO THE POINT PEOPLE, ME! lol)
Dr. W : Yes, very safe. As a matter of fact, safer than the Nephedrine at this point. Your cervix isn't changing, your really don't need such an aggressive medication yet. Plus it messes with your blood pressure and I don't like people to take it at home unmonitored.
Me : Fabulous. I'm glad I only took 3.
See why I love Dr. W? He's relaxed to the "just right" point. Not over medicating (like another Dr.) But still cautious. He seems to have faith in ME and my body and my babies. I just love him. Really. He's made such a difference in my outlook. I can now see the light at the end. We are really having triplets. 3 babies. I will have 3 babies to take home with me. 3 amazing little girls. I'm starting to get so excited. Washing clothes, counting diapers and clearing out room for all their stuff.
All my life I wanted twins and I like to think that God gave me one extra baby for being a good person, a good mom and a good wife. :)

The babies are nice and big. Growing, and Dr. W. said growing really fast. He is amazed at how well the babies and I are doing.

Rosalie is 2#3 oz

Gwendolen is 2#4 oz

Emilia is 2#7 oz.

In case you don't know, those again, are above average weights for a single baby at this gestation. These babies ROCK!

Saturday is my baby shower. My sister and MIL are throwing it for me. I'm SO excited! I can't wait to post all about it!

Oh, and a great pic of Emilia. She was the only one cooperating today. To get these 3D shots, the babies have to be showing a profile and Rosalie and Gwendolen were sound asleep, face down, so no pics of them today.

That's ok, today will be Mia's day in the spotlight. :) I think she is just adorable, and I'm thinking she's looking like Madeline. :)

Emilia Jane

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  1. So glad you are feeling positive again! Things are going great.