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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Action Shots!

Well, good news! She loves them! She couldn't stop petting them! I think they look GREAT! :) I can't wait for her to wear them this Winter.


  1. I adore that crazy hair in the back :) And her longies look perfect, colors and all.

  2. That hair is horrid. lol. No matter how much we brush, it just does it. Its the carseat. She rubs on it and it tangles it. If I dont brush it for a day or two she has instant dreads. :)

  3. see, I don't even bother to brush Anya's hair, I gave up on it a while ago because she'd get it matted in the back overnight. And yes, she has a few cute short dreads in the back :)

  4. Yeah, I brush it rarely. Its usually just in dreads. I wish I could get my hair into dreads so easily. Do you still have your dreads?

  5. They look great on her. I love cloth diapering.

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