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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Twenty-Five Weeks"

Another week down and we are still here. Hanging out. Doing great. I'm grateful that we are still at home. Alot of triplet Mama's are either on bedrest or in the hospital by now. I'm pretty sure my family would have a really hard time on their own for too long. My Dr. appointment went well, again. Cervix is 4.2m and 4.1m under pressure. All the girls are doing fabulous. They didn't do another Ffn test because the Dr said that my cervix was doing so well, that he's using it as the main indicator of labor. I wish they would have done it but oh well. I'll ask for it next week just to ease my mind more. I'm still going in twice weekly, although the Dr. said it's really not necessary, it makes me feel better. I'm much more relaxed knowing that we get the babies (and my cervix) looked at just before the weekend. Makes my weekend better.

I'm tired. Very, very tired. Noah asked today if I would just keep getting more and more tired. "Yep, looks that way, and probably for the next year at least" :). Sleeping is hard and walking is even harder. I avoid the stairs like the plague. They set off contractions that actually HURT. I may move my bedroom down to the couch. (Kidding, I won't, but it is tempting). My waddle isn't even cute. It just looks (and feels) painful. I grow daily. Poor Aaron walks through the door and is almost afraid to look at the progress I've made in a mere 18 hours since he saw me last. He laughs when he sees me. It's even funnier when he tries to hug me, he has to scoot me to the side. Picture that one. Nice huh?

Annie is finally getting it that there are babies in my belly. She always wants to feel them move and is greatly disappointed when I tell her that they are sleeping. Lilah does point at my belly and say "baby" but you gotta wonder what's going through her little head. She's has to wonder what the heck we're talking about when she knows what a baby looks like, it does not look like a belly. lol.

Well, since there's not much to report on the triplet front..(Except for my whining alot in my post, I'm sure I'll whine alot more as time goes on, I'm just easing ya'll into it) Here's my XL belly shot...(excuse the camera shadows on my belly, the lighting was weird today)

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