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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Country Girls

My Mom and Gary moved onto some property and they now have a ton of animals. Ok, not a ton, but more than we are used to. The people they are renting from keep their animals on the property so my Mom and Gary tend to them. The girls love to help! They have 3 horses, a cow, alot of chickens, 2 dogs, and a cat. Joseph is spending every weekend there helping them get it all in order, yardwork, tearing down old treehouses, tearing down old chicken coops, building rock gardens and alot of landscaping. The kid loves the hard labor. (He's also earning working to buy Gary's Ford so that is huge motivation for him)

Here's some cute pics of our little country girls.
Annabel loved to feed the horses......

And Lilah has a thing for the chickens. You would think they would scare her but, NOPE. She just loved to walk around with them, trying to touch them. Amazingly, they are too fast for her. Finally, something that can outrun her.

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  1. That is so darn cute!!:) That's a fun place they moved to I think!