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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another GREAT Dr's Visit....

Which is good news after my 3 hours in L&D last night. Again. I'm getting so much pressure feeling that it freaked me out. Plus just feeling icky. L&D showed nothing. A few contractions but nothing major. Another low grade fever. So today, the Dr. ordered bloodwork to see if maybe there is something else going on. (And, I have to take it easier. Easier than I already am. Basically ONE activity a day. This should be quite the challenge.) Something secondary to the pregnancy. An infection or something. I'm not really sure. I'll know more later today. But....The babies. The babies ARE PERFECT! As is my cervix! Measuring in a 4.4. YAY! I'm feeling better and better that we are going to make this to the full 36 weeks! Their fluid levels are perfect. They are all measuring at 20 weeks 5 days which is amazing for triplets. (I'm 21 weeks 1 day today) I'll add pics of the babies in a bit, I have to scan them all in. We got some really good profile shots. Their little noses are so cute. Rosalie is 13 oz, Gwendolen is 13 oz and Emilia is 14 oz! Almost a full pound each! No wonder I feel pressure. lol. My uterus is outwardly measuring at 32 weeks. So it's almost a full term singelton size. I wonder how big it will get? :)

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  1. Yay! So glad all continues to go so well! Sounds like the babies are doing awesome and your cervix continues to put mine to shame.

    Listen to that doctor... and take it easier! I know how hard it is when they first tell you to slow down especially with other kiddos.

    Holy uterus! My doc always says triplet ute's measure 10-12 weeks ahead. So if we get to 35 weeks, we could measure 47 weeks? CRAZY right!!

    Glad you are doing so well!