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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twenty-Two Weeks

Yippee....Only 14 days until "V" day. Now, 24 weeks is NOT ideal. It's definitely not our goal. I'm just taking it in chunks. It's easier that way. At 24 weeks the babies have about a 48% chance of survival. It's not great, but it's better than zero. Once we hit 28 weeks, their chances go up to 95%. Only 42 days until 28 weeks. FORTY TWO DAYS. Heck, that's nothing! Dr's appointment went awesome, as usual. (On a side not, my labs all came back fine. I'm not sick at all, I think it's just all the internal stuff getting rearranged isn't fun!) I'm going to start calling my cervix boring and predictable. BUT, in this situation, boring and predictable is exactly what we want! My cervix, measuring in at a whopping 4.4mm and no funneling! NONE! For 6 straight measurements, we've been at 4.4-4.8 consistently. I think Lil'Miss Rosalie is doing her job holding up the fort in there. She's doing an awesome job. I'm so proud of all of them. They are growing well and staying put. Right where they belong. Inside Mommy so they can grow big and healthy and strong. They are going to need to be big and healthy and strong to live in this house. lol.

And I have to share something that Annabel said this weekend. She's such a sweetie. Aaron was leaving with Noah and Juliette (Joey and Mady were already gone) Annabel, Lilah and I were laying in bed. Lilah wanted to go downstairs so Aaron brought her down there while I had some snuggle time with Annie. (She loves snuggle time) After about 10 minutes Aaron yelled up that he had to leave, so I told him I would be right down. Annie turned to me, rubbed my cheek and said "I'll go take care of Lilah Mommy, you stay here and lay down so the babies don't come out!". How sweet is THAT?!?! She is such a great little girl. The best big sister. :)

22 Week Belly.....WHOA!

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  1. So glad everything continues to go well! That cervix of yours is a CHAMP! :) Only a little bit jealous...

    You look gorgeous, and I love your daughter's words. She is already helping you take care of the babies!

    Happy 22!