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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Better Belly Pic To Share :)

The amazingly talented photographer that did our family pics also is taking "Belly Progression Shots" of me. I was beyond thrilled when she emailed me and asked if I would be a willing participant in her collage of belly shots profiling a triplet pregnancy. HECK YEAH! This is the first one that we did. I was 18weeks 5 days (I think). She's going to come every 3 weeks or so and take one so that we can see the progression. A HUGE improvement over my bathroom belly shots huh?

Check out her site. It's breathtaking. I cannot wait to get the babies pictures done with her. We are already planning some layouts. :)



  1. Great pic...I wish I had done pro belly pics. Lots of Triplets popping up in Portland these days :) Congrats!

  2. Thanks everyone. I hope they continue to look good. lol.

    TripMomma..I noticed that. Maybe it's the water? :)