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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Note To Self: I am carrying THREE babies. Not ONE, THREE. Three tiny littles. That need to get bigger and stronger. Alot bigger and stronger. But they do need my help.

Lesson learned and point taken. When pregnant with triplets, DO NOT think you can go to Walmart, go to Winco, take kids to Dr's appointments, take kids to dental appointments, take child to get permit, go to the library, go to your own Dr's appointments, clean your house and sew 2 stuffed animals and a skirt. All in 2 days. Can't happen. Well, I guess it can, but not with positive results (See posts below for verification) In addition to not drinking enough water (because when you are running around all day, it's very inconvenient to stop to pee) and not eating enough protein. Your uterus will get irritable, and I must admit, with good reason. So, instead of bedrest, I just have to "rest", off my feet 2-3 times a day for an hour each time. MUCH more do-able for me. MUCH. :)

Oh, and one more thing. (Thank you Raven, for emailing me about the Mag) I ran out of my Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc tabs on Thursday night. I never went to get more. Mistake number, Oh, I don't know, 15? Magnesium helps keep the uterus calm. So, not only did I buy more Mag/Calc/Zinc, I bought extra Magnesium. I am not taking any chances! I also bought some dried apricots. For the potassium.

Dr.'s appointment today went AWESOME. Beyond awesome. Babies are all perfect. Fluid is perfect. They are growing and kicking away. My cervix is measuring it's usual 4.5 and still 4.5 under pressure with no funneling! YAY! The Dr. quoted alot of stats since I told him my biggest fear was to come this far and to lose these little girls just before they are ready. This is what I was told (by my favorite Dr.) Quoted. :)

"Statistics have shown that if a cervical measurement is 3.5 or greater at 20 weeks, the chance of preterm delivery is about 1%" -Mine measures 4.5-4.6

"The chances of me delivering before 30 weeks is very. very. very. very. very. very. very. very. very. very. very. very, very, very, very, very, very, very,very, very LOW" (He seriously said very like 15 times) -I have zero history of an incompatible uterus. All the other kids were born at 39+4 to 40+2 weeks. Remember Miss Delilah? She hung out in there with a cervical dilation of 6 for 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure if I can hold a baby in, dilated to a 6, then I can hold these guys in for at least 30 weeks. At least.

"I'm positive that you will make it to 26 weeks, hell, I'll even say 30 weeks, with no problems"

I also asked him about a test, called an fNF test. I'm borrowing Carrie's link here:

(I've no idea how to make the link into the word, sorry) but it tells all about it. Basically, the test will measure whether or not you may go into labor within a 2 weeks period. It measures the hormones in the membranes. They secrete a hormone when they start to release from the uterine wall which could signify the start of labor. I'll start getting those at 22 weeks. That will be reassuring.

So, yup, I would say that it was a GOOD Dr. appointment.

I'll leave you with my LARGE 20 week belly shot. :) I notice, that although my pants still fit, the strings are getting shorter and shorter. lol.


  1. What a relief! And yes, it was a good reminder for you that you WILL have to slow down for your babies but I am so glad you are not on anything strict at all. JEALOUS! ;)

    I love that stat about 3.5 at 20 weeks. Mine was still 3.5 at 20 weeks... so WOO HOO! Hope it holds true for us all. :)

    That fFn does make me feel much better. I know you will love hearing a negative result, too. Hugs!

  2. Im still following your blog Carrie. I hope everything continues to hold out. I know it will be so hard to leave your LO if you get admitted but it will all be worth it in the end. She will be so happy to have THREE little brothers! Im praying for you every day. My Dr. has quoted me taht stat twice now so it must be pretty correct. I love stats. They are pretty accurate.

    Did you guys pick your names for the boys yet?

    Take care and keep growing those baby boys. We have to get together. 3 boys and 3 girls. How cute of a pic would that be?

  3. Dang, mama...I wouldn't be able to do all that you did and I'm only carrying ONE baby in here! Take it easy. :-)

  4. Nicole-I just wanted to say congrats and at least 30 week thoughts are with you! I found your blog from TBW. I have a (nearly) 5 yr old son and 1 yr old b/g twins. I feel blessed and crazy at the same time. You are an inspiration! You look beautiful and your children are very fortunate to have such a wonderful mama (and family). Try to take it easy.

  5. i found out the hard way about doing too much and i was just carrying TWO! everyone told me "oh, you'll deliver between 35-36 weeks" even the ob did...my twins were born at 38 weeks and 2 days, by c-section, with NO dilation or effacement or anything, very very much to the amazement of the ob and everyone else...well everyone but me and my hubby, and hubby wasn't surprised because "jamie is always right" (smart hubby there)...i think if you can hold one in for 2 weeks while dilated to 6, i think you can easily hold 3 in past 30 weeks...i'm betting on 34!