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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few Things...

First of all, 21 weeks! Yay! Only 21 days until Viability! The countdown is ON! I'll add the Belly Shot at the end. But beware. It barely fits the computer screen. So if you have a small screen or God forbid, an i-phone, you probably won't get to see it all. :)

First I wanted to share this hilarious picture. It's Delilah. She was watching a movie on our bed and must have wanted to get down. It must have been too much work because she fell asleep trying. lol. She stayed like that for an hour and a half! Funny funny girl :)

Secondly...Here's proof that bedrest CAN be semi-productive. I knit these in about 4 days. I'm doing 3 pairs, one for each baby. I did just get around the "finishing" touches last night and I still need to wash and block them. But, for the most part, they are done. I'm pretty proud. I think they turned out well. I love the colors! I even managed a back pocket!

First, this is how they looked before:

And after: :)
And last but not least. Me. 21 weeks. Nekkid Belly Shot. Growing nicely, I would say. :) And yes, that is a naval piercing in my belly. I'm trying ever so hard to not have to take it out. I haven't had to with the last 3 kids, but I'm not sure I'll get so lucky with 3 at one time in there. I really love it and Aaron does too. Then again, not sure it's gonna look so hot after a triplet belly either. We shall see. :) For now, it's staying and it's doing just fine.

I have my 21 week Dr. appointment tomorrow and it's another full growth scan so I'll be back tomorrow with a wonderful update!

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  1. You little one is so darling. Can't wait for the update- And the pants look awesome!!