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Friday, August 28, 2009

Pressure SUCKS....

Cervical/Vaginal pressure that is. Maybe TMI (too much information) for some of you, but it's now part of my daily routine. Fun right?

Yesterday, I was feeling so good that I decided I could probably clean the bathrooms, vacuum and put away laundry. Yeah. Not so much. By Noon I was on the couch after cleaning only two bathrooms and by 8pm sobbing into my pillow while holding myself. Seriously. Aaron asked me numerous times if I needed to go in (ok, he wasnt asking, he was begging me to go). IN means to L&D. That is the last place I wanted to go. (Last time I was there, they put me in a room that was "triplet ready", even after I, as calmly as I could, explained to them that I didn't need a "triplet ready" room since they were no where near ready to come out!) I decided to wait it out and it did get better. By about 11pm. Until I walked up the stairs. Then I spent another hour holding myself trying to fall asleep while dreaming that the girls might just climb out of me. Not fun. Again, I say, lesson learned. For real this time. Triple pinky swear. One pinky for each of the girls.

This morning I went into the Dr. just to be sure that the pressure wasn't changing my cervix or causing any funneling. (Funneling means that the cervical opening is pushing downward and outward, not something we want to see alot of!)) and while my cervix didn't change in length (still 4.4) , it did have some minor funneling. That was probably the pressure I felt last night, but the Dr. did say it wasn't unusual for this amount of funneling at this gestation in a triplet pregnancy. He also said that given my stats, body build and history, my chances of delivering before 34 weeks was only about 5%. IF I behave. He also said no more vacuuming! Oh, that is going to SUCK. I love to vacuum. I tried to explain to him how we have a dog and a tile floor and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that he could easily arrange it so I didn't have to look at the dog or the tile, that a hospital bed was just waiting for me if I wanted. Um. No. I'm good, thanks. (How I will function without vacuuming, I do not know, but I'll figure it out. Swiffer, here I come! I can push a freaking Swiffer Sweeper right?)

So after that appointment, I went into Punky Doodlebugs and got a Maternity Support Belt. Its supposed to help lift the pressure off the vaginal/cervical area. (Lil' Miss Rosalie got a lift today!) and OMG, does it ever work! I almost kissed the girl when she put it on me. It was exactly how I imagine heaven would feel like! Its AWESOME! (ok, a bit of drama here but it really, really felt good!) I'll spare ya'll the pics, because it is ever so attractive (just use your imagination on this one) but just know that it feels nice. Really nice. I just have to remind myself that its not my ticket to getting to do more stuff. Darnit.

Looks like I'm going to be getting alot of knitting done. I need to buy LOTS more yarn!

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