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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Is it even possible to grow overnight? I mean, noticeably? Cuz I did. ALOT. And boy, can I feel it. It's harder to breathe. Really hard. (And every time I write that, the 80's song, "And its getting harder and harder to breathe" pops into my head even though it has nothing to do with growing babies in your belly. lol. ) I had to sleep in a semi reclined position last night. Boy, that was fun. But, I'm not going to complain. I mean, at least I'm sleeping, right? I won't be very soon with 3 little mouths to feed. Still working on the logistics of that one. I mean, I only have 2 breasts. 2 breasts and 3 hungry mouths. Hm. You don't have to be a math genius to figure that one out. I'm just hoping that one of these babies are very relaxed and doesn't mind waiting her turn to eat. I DO NOT want to use bottles. At all.

Anyways. back on topic. So, I measure myself too. To make sure these girls are growing and from yesterdays pic compared to todays, I am almost 3" bigger! Yes, I said 3.

Ok, so here is me tonight. Around 8pm. I tried to be artistic and do black and white. Kinda cool huh? The stretch marks show less anyways. lol. And here is me last night (so you don't have to try to scroll up and down to see the difference. :))
So, is it just me, or did I grow? Well, I KNOW I grew, the tape measure doesn't lie. :). Gee, I cant wait to see me in about 8 weeks. GO BABIES! lol. I very well may need plastic surgery after this batch.
Poor Aaron. He insists its just shadowing on the picture. I do believe the man just doesn't want to face the fact that his wife may soon look like the GoodYear blimp.
I just wanted to edit this to add that I'm not worried at all that I grew so much. I know it's totally normal. The babies are fine, my fluid levels are fine. I just thought that the visual difference would be quite a site for everyone to see. :). So no worries over here. I'm happily growing. :)


  1. I definitely see a difference :) How many weeks are you?

  2. 19 weeks 1 day. I think the babies each put on like 2 oz today. YAY!

  3. Holy crap that is a big difference!

    And can I say you are my hero for sticking to BFing triplets. I always knew I would do the same if I ever found myself with multiples, but it has to be damn hard. I bow in your presence, ma'am!

  4. Ah, dont bow yet, it hasnt been done. We'll see. Im super determined though. Bottles are such a PITA. Plus, have you ever tasted formula? EW! BM is much yummier! lol.

  5. dang girl I dont see you for a few days and look what happens