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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bedrest....Day 3

This is TOUGH. Harder than I thought it would be. But only 16 hours until we see how everything is going. I feel better. A bit less pressure, but only if I do nothing. :(. The water drinking is coming along well. I really do have to choke it down, but if it gets me off bedrest, I'll drink a bathtub full, I kid you not. The kids have been amazingly helpful. My house is no longer a mess, and the little girls are finally getting used to the fact that Mom stays put. The only good news? I can get ALOT of knitting done when I have to just lay here. I have another pair of longies almost half done. In just 2 days. Yay me. :) I'll be back tomorrow with some GOOD news. I hope. Pray for me, or at least cross your fingers. :)


  1. Yay for knitting time. Wanna catch up on all my projects for me since I can't seem to sit down and work for more than 5 minutes before there is some catastrophe that I must attend to?

    Glad you are feeling somewhat better and that the girls have caught on that they gotta step up and do some mommy chores.

  2. Fingers are totally crossed, my dear. Cannot wait to hear your update!

    You are right: bed rest is HARD work. I am on week 4 and while I am used to it more, it is still very mentally draining. Hoping for good news out of you very soon!