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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crappy Day...

I woke up feeling not-so-hot today. I was having alot of pelvic pressure that was different so I called the Dr. to be sure. He had me go in just to be checked and put on the monitors. Turns out, my feeling was right. My uterus is irritated. Which I can say right back atcha, cuz I'm now just as irritated with it at the moment. At the hospital, I was monitored for almost 2 hours. During that time, my uterus was irritated almost the whole time. Fabulous. The good news is that in that 2 hours, I only had 2 contractions. The ultrasound showed my cervical length holding awesome at 4.6. It also showed that the babies have grown, which could, or could not be, the cause of all this drama. But these are 3 little girls in there, we should expect the drama, right? The babies are now lying like pancakes on a plate, kinda overlapping as they go up. Anyhow.....my diagnosis? Irritable uterus with mild contractions. Oh, and a slight fever. No clue why though. A cold? But what did that diagnosis get me? Bedrest. Limited activity, up to pee and eat. It's not going so well for me. I am so much more of a control freak than I ever imagined. My house is a mess and I can't stand it. Aaron thinks it's funny to watch me go batshit laying here doing nothing. The only time I ever do nothing is when I am sleeping. But I keep telling myself that it's for a vey short time. I need to get these babies here safely. Hopefully, at my Dr. appointment on Tuesday, my uterus will start being happy and I can resume life again. But I WILL be taking it easy from now on, bedrest or not and I promise to drink more water. Pinky swear. :)


  1. i ended up with the irritible uterus too..however, i was "only" carrying twins so it waited until about 34 weeks...so you making it to almost 20 weeks is pretty good i think! yeah, just laying around is SO hard...it makes you feel pretty useless, even though you ARE doing something, growing nice healthy babies...i hope you don't go too crazy with all the laying around, i have a feeling you are in for quite a bit more of it...

  2. WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I can't believe I missed this update. I am so sorry you've been grounded, but you are in good company. I think it is par for the triplet course, my dear. I hate, hate it when I can't help parent, clean and cook but as you say, it is for the best. The water will help... sending you hugs!