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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being Thankful...(Catch Up, Days 1 & 2)

There is a thing going around Facebook where each day you list what you are Thankful for that day. I missed the first 2 days but I really want to play. So, I figured I would play here and on Facebook. Plus, it will give my blog readers something to read, even if it's just a blurb each day. Okay, who am I kidding? I have a hard time writing 'just a blurb'. I like to write. And talk. ;)


November 1st 2011... I am Thankful for friends. New friends, old friends, and old friends that become new again. I had a really great time with an old/new friend at dinner this day. ♥ Thank you for the fun time Serena ♥

November 2nd 2011... I am Thankful for my camera. I spend alot of time taking photos and editing photos lately. It's become somewhat of a therapy for me. It's my little escape to a world where I can just play. And how amazing is it that I can work/play at the same time both at home, and in a career? I think I am doubl-y Thankful for this day. Here is what I spent yesterday working on. Editing a photo session with 3 absolutely beautiful girls. This is my favorite shot from that shoot. I adore it. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your girls Stephanie. ♥

And we are on Day 3. I think that I will wait until the end of each day to post. I never know when I might have one thing that I am just that.much more Thankful for than another in any given day.

See you tonight :)

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