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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Am Thankful...Days 10 & 11

Well, I did it again. Forgot. And almost again. It's 12:44 on the 12 Day, and I'm here writing about Days 10 and 11.

I suck.

I've been really forgetful lately. I think I've finally met my match in the mama:children ration. 1:9 is my max.

So, anyhoos. On Thursday (Day 10) I was Thankful for Target. I took the trio and Lilah and went to Target. Alone. Without a stroller. That was a first for us. Thankfully (and this is why I am Thankful for Target) they have those cool carts:

Making our Target trip do-able without a stroller. D & E were in the cabbie part, R in the seat and G in the cart. They were perfect. We lasted an hour. A new record for us. Even WITH help. I'm proud of me.

Today, well, technically the 13th Day since it's 1am, but Friday, Day 11, I am Thankful for Yo-Gabba-Gabba. It's a TV show for kids. The babies LOVE IT. Love. They stand in front of the TV and look like little baby aerobics. They copy the dance moves and everything. I was laughing so hard. Plus, it gave me a few moments of much needed free/me time.

I see lots more of these funky little guys in our lives. I see they make little figurines. My kids love tiny toys that they can just carry around. And they might be just funkily-odd enough for me to love them too. :)

The green striped guy is kinda cute. ;)

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