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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Am Thankful..Day 9

Okay, so I promised myself that each day I would be specific about what I was Thankful for. To not just blog 'I'm thankful for life'.' Or I'm Thankful for today'. I wanted to really make myself think back and reflect on each day. And I've done pretty good. Until today, when it wasn't an ideal day, yet I'm laying here blogging with a smile on my face. So I started to think (uh-oh).

I think that I used to be happy about how the day went if it was overall PERFECT. Sleeping in, showered in peace, breakfast eaten and not thrown to the dog, playing happily through the morning with minimal television, calm and quiet lunch, nice long nap for everyone while the Mama got a few much needed things done around the house, dinner planned, good, ready on time AND, I'm gonna really stretch it here, EVERYONE likes what I made, baths for the little that last longer than 3 minutes, an evening not interrupted by athletic practices and grocery store runs, and a quick, loving, calm & quiet bedtime routine.

*sigh* Yes, I realize these are the rantings of a crazy lady.

I suddenly realized, that I had a good day. How did our day go? We woke up late. I had to yell at A to get her to get ready quicker, and there is NOTHING I hate more than yelling at my kids. J had a Dr's appointment to burn off warts, in which I took all the kids to get us all out of the house (very much needed). G had a meltdown in the car and proceeded to boycott food for the rest of the day, a meltdown between A & L over a computer game, late meeting M at Ikea, no dinner planned until I walked though the door, kids STILL recovering from Halloween and the time change.

*sigh* Now THAT sounds more like one of MY days.


Nobody got hurt. Nobody fell, or got bit, or kicked each other. Colds are clearing up. The damn fleas appear to be gone (We've been battling them for 4 months now) and I'm starting to gather Christmas ideas (yes, just now, but I'm early this year! It's not Thanksgiving yet). Dishes are done and the house is cleaned up.

And right now, I have my 8 beautiful, happy sleeping babies upstairs. I just got off the phone with my very 1st baby and she's heading to bed in her own place and I know she's home and happy and safe. I'm snuggled on the couch with my husband, blogging, while he patiently waits for me to finish so we can watch 'Dexter',

Yep, I am Thankful for TODAY.

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  1. I still can't believe you have 9 kids! They are all so cute. I remember when Maddie was 4. Quick tip - to get rid of warts (I had them in High school too on my hands) take a needle, sterilize, put the sharp part of it in the wart until it stays. Take a lighter and heat up the other end until you can feel the heat. The little black seed will work it's way out. It is painless (ouch the burns from the doctor) and super easy and you don't have to pay to get it taken care of.