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Monday, November 28, 2011

I Am Thankful...Day 28

Today I am Thankful for my littles and their endless imaginations.

We started a tradition today. It's called Elf On A Shelf. My little 5 are in heaven. Actually, it was pretty much a family affair this time. Madeline bought the Elf and the book this afternoon and we all sat down and watched the movie with popcorn and chocolate milk.

While we were on our 2nd round of the movie, (yes, it's that good) the doorbell rang. Annie and Lilah ran to see who could possibly be at the door at night. She opened the door to a white box. I kid you not, her exact words were:

'It's a package. A white box with letters on it, now isn't that weird?'

I almost laughed too hard. She asked me what it said on it. It said ' To: The S_______'s. Love: Santa.'

'MOM! OUR last name is THAT!' Lol..... 'Yes, Annie, it is' (she is so cute!)

They tore inside and ripped open the box.

I'm pretty sure our neighbors could hear the squeals of joy coming from all the of the girls, while Aaron, myself and the other 3 kids laughed. It was so wonderful to see such happiness and love on everyones face at once. A scene I so wished I had on film.

Anyway, THIS is who arrived this evening:

Meet Snowy Christmas Cookie Melt

She is our very own adopted Elf. Every year she will come after Thanksgiving and keep watch over all of the house during the day. At night, she flies back to the North Pole and reports to Santa how everyone in the S_____ family has been each day. I'm hoping it starts to instill a habit of more kindness and peace, and less arguing (mostly with the youngest 5) throughout our home YEAR ROUND. Really, it's all I want for Christmas. No fighting. Ever. Ha, right? I know. :/

The idea behind it is that once you take her/him out of the box and set her on the shelf, you must name her. Once she has her name, you can no longer touch her or she will lose her magic (at least, that's our adapted version of what us older kids got from the movie's intention. I can't imagine the arguing if 5 little girls had to share one Elf. No way. Better to keep the no touching or she'll lose her magic idea).

At night, after she's reported her day to Santa, she returns and lands in a different spot so that she can watch everyone from different areas of the house.

And this is the part that I love...Only a child would be this thrilled to love that a tiny 12" Elf is watching her every move.

It's magical.

Snowy Christmas Cookie Melt. Her name was decided by Annie and Lilah. The each liked a name so we put it together as one. And there was no arguing! It's starting already! ;)

Annable loves her 'beautiful blue eyes' and Lilah loves the 'red snowyflakes on her skirt'

In the morning the girls will wake up and have to look to see where she landed for the day. I almost can't wait to hear the laughter when they start their search.

It's like a tiny bit of Christmas morning every day until Christmas.

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