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Monday, November 14, 2011

I Am Thankful...Day 14

Like I said before. It's the little things. Today I am Thankful for our new Bunny. She doesn't have a name yet (well, she DID but it was just too hard for A & L to say Beatrix :( ) So the name hunt begins yet again.

So, why am I Thankful for a bunny? Our animals bring us together more as a family. Today, A, L and myself played with her for a good hour. It almost 'makes' me focus on the tots. The trio is so demanding most of the time that A & L take a backseat way more than I like. This is something I can do WITH them, have fun, and they learn an important life lesson. Pets are so important in a childs' life.

Today, we had to clean her hutch and play with her a bit. We can't play with her too much yet, she's a little stressed from her move so we are letting her come out of the hutch on her own. She usually comes out, hops around the table, gets a few pets then jumps back in. This time tho, she really wanted to snuggle with the girls. And the girls had a blast. So did I. It was sooooo nice to take a break from the house and work and just lay on the floor and PLAY. Something I don't do enough of.

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  1. This is so sweet. :] And your girls are gorgeous! I've been loving your Thankful things every day.