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Monday, November 14, 2011

I Am Thankful...Day 13

One day late. Are you surprised? Instead of doing two days in one post, I'll just do 2 posts in one day. ( I know, the same thing, it just sounded better )

Yesterday I was Thankful for my husband. Well, I'm ALWAYS Thankful for him, but yesterday was different.

Aaron always entertains my desires to have pets. Lots of pets. I love having animals around. Especially 'different' animals. He doesn't love it, but he tries.

We had a ferret. Alice. We all LOVED her but Aaron just couldn't take
the smell. Then M moved out and couldn't take her with so we had to rehome her :(.

This time, I wanted a bunny. I did alot of reading on how bunnies make great pets and you can litterbox train them. Aaron obliged, this time more willingly. I think he likes bunnies and just won't admit it. Lol.

I needed a hutch, and asked my neighbor to build one, but then came across some information on re-purposing an existing piece of furniture. So, we did. And
this is what my awesome husband came up with :)



Cool huh?

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