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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yes, those numbers actually mean something. Today I am 33 weeks pregnant. I have 3 weeks left until delivery date (exactly 21 days) and there are 3 beautiful baby girls in there. :) I just thought it was a cool title. :)

Today's appointment went "ok". The babies are fine, I am fine. They all scored 8/8 on their BPP's again. I'll divide the info up so it's easier to read :)

Baby A, Rosalie. Her estimated weight is 3#12oz. She hasn't grown much since 3 weeks ago, although she has grown some. The Dr. does think the fact that she's very hard to measure has something to do with it so he's not too concerned. Yet. He's going to do another growth scan in 12 days. Sooner than that doesn't give us enough comparison since they don't grow that fast anymore. But she is tucked down in my pelvis and hips so getting great measurements are harder with her than the other 2.

Baby B, Gwendolen. Her estimated weight is 4#1oz. She's doing fabulously. Her BPP was 8/8 also. Not much else to report with her. :)

Baby C, Emilia. Her estimated weight is 4#15oz!!! Huge! Her BPP was 8/8 also but it was a stretch. She's doing great on her breathing. Her placenta and cord looked good. It's her fluid that we are watching now. As I've said before, the Dr. likes to see a pocket of at least 2x2. Mia's is 2x3. We are pushing it. It could be because she's so big, or her position, but after almost 20 minutes of trying to find a pocket at all, and having me roll on my side to try to move her, we finally found one. It was hard to find though. Now, she will be fine, even with the low fluid. Babies can even stay in there with little to no fluid for a few days, it just isn't ideal and it usually signifies that it's just time for them to be born. We don't want her stressed out, we want her happy.

So now we do BPP's twice weekly. If her pocket drops anymore, we will be having babies. Soon. When I asked the Dr. if we were going to make it to 12.01, he said "Probably not". Between Baby C's fluid, and Baby A's growth, they are probably coming sooner than later. I just need to be prepared every 3 days for the possibility that they could be born, given no waters get broken and no labor starts. As it is now, the contractions are getting VERY frequent. I get them about 3-4 times an hour most days. Not fun.

So, I will update after Friday's appointment and post a belly pic tomorrow.

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