"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Stumbled Upon A Quote...

And I just fell in love with it. I did change it a tad. The we's were originally I's. It felt more right with we's.

"Before you were conceived we wanted you
Before you were born we loved you
Before you were here an hour we would give our lives for you
This is the miracle of life"

-Maureen Hawkins

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  1. I was just watching the babystronomy of the 3 babies moving in utero! Isn't it absolutely amazing? I still catch myself in awe of having carried 3. Three! 3 babies at once! This is such a miracle and I know you feel as blessed as I do to have been chosen by God to be a part of something so miraculous! Have a great week cook'n babies, girl!