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Thursday, November 26, 2009

**One Week Old**

I can't believe they are one week old. Already. Time flies in the NICU that's for sure. I thought it would be very draggy and boring. I'm realizing that things will never again be boring. Not with triplets to take care of, that's for sure. I was thinking today, I do that alot here, that each of the kids have had a different "First Holiday". Madeline's was The 4th of July, Joseph's was Mother's Day, Noah's was Halloween, Juliette's was Labor Day, Annabel's was Easter, Delilah's was Valentine's Day and the Babies is Thanksgiving. (Happy Thanksgiving by the way) Kinda cool huh? As I said ALOT of thinking time on my hands.

Aaron, as if you all didn't already know this, is THE.BEST.DADDY.EVER. A few days ago, he realized that outside the babies windows is a courtyard that you can get to from the 2nd floor. He decided that he needed to bring the kids to the courtyard so they could actually see the babies, not just in pictures. So the babies nurse and I got them all ready, Aaron and the kids were waiting in the courtyard and we held all 3 babies up to the window at the same time. It was awesome. Annabel and Delilah were so excited. You could see them pointing and smiling and saying Momma, Babies, Momma, Babies over and over again. Then after we got the babies laid back down, I met them downstairs and we had a treat. It was so good for the little girls to see the babies, see me and the babies together and see where we were staying. I mean, this has been a lifetime to them. I've never been away this long and I was so worried that they thought I just left them forever. So now, I've seen all the kids and it has settled my mind and heart so much. I still can't wait to get home but now I feel so much better knowing that they are more settled too. And Oh Man, after being with 4# babies for a week, Delilah sure looks big!

As for the babies, they are good. Perfect. Growing. Emilia is up to 4#12oz, Gwendolen is at 4#2oz and Rosalie, is the only one that didn't gain or stay the same today. She lost an oz. That was hard to hear, but as the Dr. reminded me, she is very tiny and has alot of catching up to do. He upped her caloric intake by about 4ml's to see if that helps. She is my best nurser though so maybe she's using a few too many calories trying to outdo her sisters. I sense another competitive child here. Nursing is going well. All babies latch on, they just have a hard time staying on and awake. I have 2 visits scheduled with lacation this weekend so that will be helpful. The Dr. did mention that maybe giving them a bottle or two a day, would not only give me a break, but it might increase my milk supply since I will be nursing two of them more, but it will also help Rosalie gain weight a tad faster thus moving us outta here faster. All 3 Dr.'s have given us a guess-timate of 7-10 more days. That means I have just 7-10 more days to get these baby girls nursing like pros. Wish me luck.

One Week Old:

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  1. they look so cozy next to each other, priceless. Is that Rosalie tucked in on the right? :) Hope she'll catch up with her sisters in no time!

    So glad you got to see your 'big' girls after all. Must've been a great boost of morale for everyone :)