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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

**34 WEEKS!!**

We did it! We made it to the.most important milestone yet. 34 weeks is HUGE. The babies can come out anytime and be perfectly fine. I'm still holding out for 12.01 but I'm certainly not going to complain if they decide they want to meet us earlier. :) Dr. appointment today went great. All 3 babies scored 8/8 on their BPP's. Mia's fluid looked ok still and Rosalie's looked a tad low but not worrisome. It is normal that their fluid levels start to drop from here on out since they are getting so big. We have another Dr. app Friday for BPP and again Tuesday for growth. Tuesday's appointment will tell us alot. If Rosalie hasn't grown as much as they like, we may have to think about delivery. BUT, it's still a day-today, wait and see type thing. I could easily go into labor or the babies could break their water, although with the amount of Vitamin C I'm taking, the Dr's may have to saw through the sacs to get them out. My cervix is still good at about 2.5cm and I'm only slightly dialated, less than 1cm, so basically, all is very very good. The Dr. even called me amazing. :) I'll take that.

And I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm wiped (after de-con'ing my house, long story, I'll explain later)

EDIT: Ok, I'll explain the De-Con now. Alot of people have asked. No, we do not have mice. I meant decontaminate. My little sister was here babysitting and left very sick. Ick. I didn't want to take any chances so I Lysol'd and scrubbed. Alot. I haven't gotten to a belly shot either. Those stairs suck.


  1. SO HAPPY for you! You are getting close, Missy! Enjoy feeling them inside for a while longer.

  2. Wow!! What amazing wonderful news. You are doing great!! 14 days is only 2 WEEKS!!! That is crazy.

  3. Carrie, I was just thinking that today. I dont want them to come. I love feeling them inside. Its kind of bittersweet. I dont want it to end yet I want to meet them so badly. And congrats on your beautiful boys! You sure are keeping me on my toes, watching your blog daily for updates, but your not busy or anything are ya? :)