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Saturday, November 21, 2009

They're HERE!!

Our beautiful baby girls are here! They arrived November 19th, 2009 around 9pm. They are all doing perfect. I'll keep the birth story short so I can get to the good stuff (the babies!), plus I'm pretty doped up on painkillers so I don't want to ramble. lol.

Thursday afternoon, I started to just feel "not right". I didn't think anything was wrong but I had a weird premonitious feeling. Hard to describe. Aaron and I decided to head to the hospital to "check things out". We got there around 7:30pm. As soon as the nurses hooked me up to the monitors, I started having mild contractions. Within 15 minutes, they started coming stronger and about every 3-4 minutes and lasting almost 2 minutes each. With 2-3 of the contractions, Rosalie's heartrate decelerated to about 50. SCARY. It's supposed to be about 160's. It didn't recover until the contraction ended. The Dr's decided that with labor starting to progress and it looking like Rosalie didn't seem to do well with the contactions, it was safer to deliver than to try to stop labor. Talk about things happening fast! So with the decision made to deliver around 8:15pm, the girls were born a little after 9pm. The surgery went well, better than I thought it would.

Now, for the best part. The babies. I'll give them each their own paragraph. :) Seems fair.

Rosalie Charlotte 3# 13oz. 16" long. Beautiful, tiny, dainty and feisty!
Rosalie is making up for her time on the bottom of the pile in utero. She's very feisty and vocal. She's awake alot and loves to hear mommy and daddy's voice. The minute she hears us talking, she looks for us. She is already melting family and friends hearts with her big blue eyes.
Gwendolen Lucy 4# 2oz. 17" long. So pretty. Dainty and sweet. Very calm and patient.
Gwendolen is very calm. She likes to just lay in her isolette and listen to the world. She does have her moments but for the most part, she is very content.
Emilia Jane 5# 1oz. 17" long. Tons of hair and a very round face. She is beyond cute and reminds us of a little teddy bear.
Emilia is a pretty happy and content baby too. She seems to float in the middle of the other 2 personality wise. She's awake alot and loves to look around and listen, but she can get mad if you mess with her too much. lol.
I'm planning on posting more pics later, I just wanted to get these out here as quick as possible. I'll update with baby info, how they are doing and all that in a few days. :)


  1. congrats on your beautiful girls! :)

  2. Congrats! Great job on the blog even on drugs. lol =) Great pics that you chose too. I think they are my faves of them individually. You gotta post one of you holding all three though, breathtaking!

  3. BEAUTIFUL X THREE!! Major Congratulations to you all. I love that they are showing their individual personalities already. Perfect, gorgeous, wonderful and amazing. Enjoy your babymoon.

  4. Gorgeous! Many congratulations to you! They are PERFECT. Welcome to this amazing club!

  5. Yay! They are gorgeous and so sweet looking :) And how fun that they already have such different unique personalities. Thank you for finding time to post some photos, and I'll be certainly looking forward to seeing more!

    p.s. feisty ones are a lot of work but, oh, they are so worth it :)

  6. Your children are beautiful! I am glad that everything went so well and they seem to be doing so great!

  7. They are sooo beautiful! I can't wait to meet them in person! Congratulations!

  8. So beautiful! Great job Momma!