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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quickie Update

All is still perfect. Babies did lose some weight which is perfectly normal. Up to 10% is expected, they are at about 6%.

Rosalie: 3#8oz

So so good!!! The Dr's are very happy with their progress. They are even starting to show signs of rooting and suckling, so will be nursing very soon! More awesome news? They don't even need the donor milk anymore! I'm providing enough milk for all 3. I'm even a feeding ahead. There is about 8oz of milk stored in their fridge at all times. And I'm sure it will only get better and better.

The girls have totally won the hearts of every single nurse on the NICU floor. They get alot of nurse visitors that just want to see the "beautiful triplets". They have one nurse in particular that I love, that is already very attached to them and loves to show them off and tell everyone how cute they are. The care we have received here has been amazing. These nurses truly love our baby girls and take such good care of them. I'm so impressed.
Here's where they sleep :) The quilts are donated by a group of ladies that sew them for the preemies. It's called the Linus Project and they are so pretty.
Gwendolen's Isolette
Rosalie's Isolette
Emilia's Isolette

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