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Monday, November 23, 2009

Day Four

Hard to believe it's been 4 days already. Amazingly, time flies when you taking care of three babies in the NICU. They are on a every 3 hour eating schedule so by the time we start one on a feed, do vitals and change clothing (if needed) and diapers all the way down to baby #3, its almost time to start again. The babies are all on gavage (sp?) feedings. This is by our choice. They could do bottles, but Aaron and I want them to start breastfeeding asap, and this way, as they are getting their food, I can bring them to breast so that they get the idea. You cant really do that with a bottle. The 2nd day, Rosalie nursed for almost 30 minutes, but hasn't been able to stay awake to try that again. Gwendolen is not showing too much interest yet and Emilia, today tried for the first time. She did pretty good and stayed latched on for about 5 minutes but then fell asleep. I continued to hold her as if she was nursing while they started the feeding, that way she associated the taste of the food with the breast.
They tested all the babies Billirubin levels and they are all high. What does that mean? It means that they are just not eating quite enough food for their body to process the billirubin levels. Another term for it is jaundice Normally a baby will poop out all the billibrubin. Since her food levels aren't quite that high, she's not pooping it all out. So she gets phototherapy. Basically looks like she's laying in a tanning bed. It's not uncomfortable for her but she hates that she can't be swaddled. She has to have as much skin exposed as possible so its just a diaper and some really cool foam sunglasses. Which she keeps pulling off. She's keeping her nurses on their toes, that's for sure. Emilia and Rosalie have lower levels but not super low. They will probably needs lights too, but the Dr. will check their levels tomorrow and Gwendolen's again too, to make sure her levels are lowering. Gwen's seem to be since her diapers were a bit green and that's the first sign that the lights are working.

Here's Gwendolen with her lights:
Kangaroo Care is my favorite time of the day. For 2 hours each day, an hour at a time, we get to hold the babies, skin to skin. It helps them with their breathing, heartrate and heat. Their little bodies don't have to do as much since our bodies are doing it all for them. It gives them a much needed break. Aaron even jumped in and as you can see, Emilia loves her Daddy and even sleeps just like him. Little mouth hanging open and all. And here's Emilia right after her nursing session. It made her a bit milk drunk. :)
Rosalie is still trying to steal the show. Anytime she hears a voice, especially Mom and Dad, but pretty much any voice will do, she starts fussing. She just wants to be held and touched all the time. It's so hard not to grant her every little thing she wants. I have a feeling she will get her way. Alot. Here she got Auntie Noelle to hold her. With a little whimper, she's got her wrapped around her tiny little finger. (is blurry because I didn't want to use flash)

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  1. They're look'n good! The light therapy is very normal. Glad you're getting them to the breast! You sound chipper and hope you're feeling better each day!