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Friday, November 13, 2009


I love Fridays. Why? Because everyone is home. Aaron and all the kids. And life is so much easier when the little girls and I have other people to visit with besides ourselves. We are all much happier.

Annabel seems to be getting sick, although I can't say with what. Yesterday she started a fever of 102'. By evening it was at 100'. Hot/cold all night on and off. This morning it was 99.5' and down to 98.8' by this afternoon. Got back up to 101' this evening and now it's back to normal. WEIRD. I am a tad worried that it's H1N1 and the Dr's (hers and mine) called in scripts for Tamiflu, which we have not yet taken. For one, I'm not convinced it's IS H1N1, 2nd, she has zero other symptoms, 3rd, have you read the side effects for Tamiflu? Oh my jeez, I think I would rather have the flu. Plus, even though my Dr. says that Tamiflu is safe if your pregnant, I can't find anything positive about taking it while pregnant on the net. THAT worries me. So, for now, we are just being cautious. Tons of fluids, vitamins and rest. Hopefully the fever stays at just that, a fever.

Dr. appointment went good today. Aaron surprised me and was there waiting for me when I got there! I almost cried! He's not usually the surprising type. He must have known how stressed I was about this appointment. Anyway, Mia's fluid is lower (2x2 pocket) but Dr. B. didn't seem as concerned as Dr. C. was. He said that although they could only measure a 2x2 pocket, the tech did see numerous other other pockets, they just weren't measurable so he's convinced that she has enough fluid. It's not low enough to consider delivery at this point. Basically a lower fluid level could be an indicator of the placenta starting to deteriorate. BUT, she scored 8/8 on her BPP. She's breathing regularly and HR is good. So that tells him that the placenta is doing ok. He did say that her size and position could play a part in the lower fluid too. Plus, she wouldn't be growing so well if the placenta wasn't working. The other 2 babies both scored an 8/8 too. This Dr. is pretty confident that I will make it to 36 weeks. Only 18 more days!! That's sooooo close! And we are soooooo ready! I'm really thinking that we are going to have take-home babies. That will be THE.BEST Christmas present EVER.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that my son (3.5 years) had something similar to what you describe Annabel has (about 1 month ago). His fever went up and down for 3 days, with no other symptoms except he was quite tired, so spent most of the days on the couch and sometimes has the chills. But no coughing, no runny nose, no sore throat, etc. So Dr. definitely didn't think it was the flu. It went away on it's own after 3 days. Hope Annabel feels better soon!

  2. Thanks! We are on day 3, and no fever so far! I think its over and done. Yay!

  3. Good call on waiting on the Tamiflu to see if she really had the flu. I'm not a fan of that stuff either- and I hate how doctors are handing it out with every fever right now. My friend's little boy got sick, and she's pregnant so they prescribed Tamiflu to her too. She brought it home, and right on the box it said, "Not for pregnant women." So comforting! I definitely wouldn't take it- I'm very wary of things like that.

    I'm soooo excited for you that you've made it this far!!!! I check in on you every day I think. I was 26 weeks when I delivered my trio, and am now 30w 5d with a singleton. Was in the hospital about 3 weeks ago with preterm labor. Trying to keep this baby cooking a few more weeks!
    I'm praying for take home babies for you!