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Monday, November 9, 2009

How Are The Babies Even Fitting In There?

I get asked this all the time. How on earth are there three babies in there? I'm not totally sure myself, since my brain has yet to grasp this fact. I'm pretty sure I won't truly believe it until I see them. So, to the point, I tried to make a drawing showing everyone where they are in there but I'm not that great with photo editing so here's what I came up with: Baby A, Rosalie, is riding very very low. Her head in on my right hip and her feet are at my left hip. Her butt is on my pelvic bone, and yes. it hurts. Badly. She's what they consider transverse. She is spread out a bit too, so that alot of her body is in my back. Transverse is not an ideal position for a singleton to be born vaginally since the babies have to come out head first, but it's been very ideal for us. She's basically plugging up the exit with her bum. There is very little room for her to turn at this point, which is again, not ideal for a singleton but perfect for us. If she stays where she's at, nobody can get out. Given my history of fast labors, this again, is perfect for us. If one of the babies breaks her water or I go into labor, I don't have to worry so much about a quick escape from them. Thus, reducing my stress, alot. And we don't even have to consider hospital bedrest anymore. I made it. Thank God.

Baby B, Gwendolen, is head down. Her head is sitting, also, on my right hip. Yep, my right hip is SORE. From there, she goes up. her butt is in my rib cage and her feet go along the top of my belly under my boobs. She's pretty much a uterus hog. I feel her the most since she's sucking up the most space.

Baby C, Emilia, is also head down. Her head is in my left hip. Her butt is under my ribs. But since Baby B is hogging the space along the top of the uterus, Baby C has her feet straight down from her butt so that her feet are next to her head. Sound cozy? She's basically folded in half. Poor little girl. She also sits a bit to the back so the US tech said she has more room than we think, but still not a ton. Amber told me that she probably will have a tendency to flip her legs behind her head for a few days after birth if she stays that way. Guess we will swaddle her good for awhile.

So, hopefully, that helps, although I still have a hard time believing that they are all in there. Especially when I think that I have organs that have to be somewhere. But where?


  1. I carried twins to 33 weeks, oy! You are doing so fabulous!

  2. LOL!!! So did Emilia pop her feet behind her head once she was born?