"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

A Peek Into Our Hectic, Crazy & Loving Family of Eleven


Saturday, November 7, 2009

More From Rebecca....

Rebecca was here again today. Thank goodness she is fast because with how I've been feeling lately, just getting into "wardrobe" is alot of work. I've been working on trying to get pics with the babies positions up on here, but I am so photshop stupid, that I can't figure it out. As soon as I can have Madeline help me, I'll get to it. Hopefully.


  1. You look gorgeous! I hope you're feeling as good as you look :) That's a whole lot of babies.

  2. Great pics! What a fun way to capture those moments...You are doing fantastic! Way to go, girl!!!