"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

A Peek Into Our Hectic, Crazy & Loving Family of Eleven


Saturday, November 7, 2009


Our life in 3 words. I'm still trying to figure out how 3 newborns are going to fit in here. Actually, probably pretty well, they will just add to the chaos and we obviously thrive on that. Today, in the lovely NW weather, we had 3 soccer games, to which the kids came home soaked. Then, as soon as they got home, it was time to clean up to go the Tompa's Happy Birthday. He is 80. And believe me, he sure does not look it. The kids had a great time, but they are tired. Of course, the night didn't stop there. Joey started an indoor soccer team so we had to tie-dye 8 men's large tee shirts for his teams uniforms tonight. 10pm and we are just starting to wind down. Aaron fell asleep reading to Lilah upstairs, again. He does that so frequently now that he is Mr. Mom and Dad. Poor man. We do seem to live day to day, waiting for these babies, but nothing stops. Take 3 deep breaths and relax. Ahhhhh....Bedtime for all. Maybe a hot tub for Mom. And I think we shall let Daddy sleep.

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