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Friday, November 27, 2009

Are We There Yet?!?!

So ready to go home. So so ready. The Dr's say about 6-9 more days. Yay! The NICU has a few "rules" before the girls can go home.

1) Must be able to maintain their body heat on their own.
2)Off the Phototherapy lights
3)Must be gaining weight continuously
4)Take all feeding from a bottle and/or breast

We have passed them all but the feeding one. We just need to work on nursing. The Dr. says it will come. Soon. They have all gained weight. Alot in just 24 hours. 3oz. each!

Emilia is 4#11oz
Gwendolen is 4#3oz (Back to her birth weight already!!)
Rosalie is 3#11oz

So, all is good. Not alot to report. We are kinda like the boring NICU family. lol.

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  1. Just wanted to encouarage you- the NICU time DRAGS. It is so hard to have your family in two places. I am thinking of you.

    We chose to do everything we could to get them home quickly- that is why we opted to give bottles. We are working on BF'ing and they are doing GREAT but I am glad they can have a bottle of breast milk when I am hanging out with my daughter, too. It is hard for preemies to learn, but they have you as their awesome teacher. Keep up the great work, Mommy!

    So glad you are keeping us posted. :)